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I am sure you have heard the terms, Hardscape and Softscape. Do you understand the difference?



Term Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials. In other words, structures we build that are incorporated into a landscape. Examples of hardscape includes:

  • Rocks

  • Walkways

  • Retaining walls

  • Paver patios

  • Outdoor kitchens

  • Water features

  • Decks and driveways.


Softscape refers to the live horticultural or living elements of a landscape. Examples of softscape includes:

  • Flowers

  • Plants

  • Grass

  • Trees and shrubs


A well-balanced landscape design will include an attractive combination of both hardscaping and softscaping elements.

Hardscape -vs- Softscape

Hardscape Example
Hardscape Example
Hardscape Example
Soft and Hardscape
Softcape Example
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